About Us

Untouched photo taken last month visiiting George Washington Univ in DC with my hs senior.

Amy Barone, Owner, NYS Licensed Esthetician & Certified Low Level Laser Therapist

For the past 10 years I have been involved in the diabetic and venous ulcer wound care industry, oral and skin care product development and skin care therapeutics.  Through my journeys I discovered this incredible science that is little known here in the US but widely respected in other parts of the world.  It is believed Red Light Therapy will be a household name and a part of every day life within 5 years.   After much research and discussions with the experts in the field, I decided to open up my own clinic combining pain management with aesthetic skin care.  After all, wrinkles are merely the exterior face of interior cellular breakdown. Through word of mouth, clients are coming to me in pain and after one or a series of treatments feeling relief.  A relief that builds on itself with each treatment until the area of injury or aging is rebuilt.  I never dreamed I would experience anything as rewarding.   

I've made my business home at Chappaqua Wellness Center surrounded by a psychotherapist who specializes in recovering from trauma, reiki and massage therapists with special healing touches and a Creative Badass who helps individuals going through transitions by tapping into their own creativity.  

I hope you will stop by and learn what we all do first hand and how we can benefit you.  It's pretty amazing! 


Our Goal

Our goal is to not only help you painlessly look and feel younger without any side effects or downtime, but to be physically younger on a cellular level. With Red Light Therapy this can be done without destroying cells, conducting painful procedures or injections, or writing prescriptions for drugs and painkillers with their myriad side effects. We are here to help you achieve wellness, youth and be your beautiful natural self by caring for your body on a cellular level.     


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