Red Light Therapy for Pain Management and Skin Rejuvenation

Red Light Therapy for Pain Management and Skin RejuvenationRed Light Therapy for Pain Management and Skin Rejuvenation

What is Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy?

Red & Invisible Red Spectrums of Light Emitted by Medical Grade LEDs

To those who wish to be enveloped in Light during these cold winter days….think Red Light Therapy.  This is the perfect time of year to renew your skin and release your joints and muscles from aches and pains.


Like plants we need light to be in glowing health and live pain free at any age.  Sunlight has a bad reputation for causing skin cancers but LED is a whole new technology for delivering non UVA & UVB light. Natural Red & Near Infrared (Invisible) spectrums of light are the internationally preferred  treatment for pain & inflammation relief, wound and injury healing, and facial and neck aesthetics.  It’s non-invasive, drug-free and pain-free.  No needles, lasers, burning, downtime or side effects.  Lasers cause trauma to cells to induce collagen production.  Whereas Red & NIR Light nourish and feed cells to stimulate fibroblasts and collagen production.

Pain Management treatments require 10 to 30 minutes.  1 to 6 treatments scheduled within a couple of weeks will significantly reduce or end your pain. Monthly follow up treatments may be needed or may not be necessary.  

Anti-aging, Skin Rejuvenation or Acne Light Treatments can be incorporated into a facial using the highly effective skin care products by ABI Skincare.  (More about ABI under the Treatments tab). Four to 8 weekly treatments dramatically hydrates and improves aging, sensitive/irritated or acneic skin including facial and neck areas allowing for follow up visits spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to maintain the health of new skin. 

The experience is so relaxing many clients fall asleep during their session. It's like taking a nap on the beach without sweating or worrying about the harmful rays of UVA or UVB.


Red & Near Infrared Light Can...

  • Reduce Pain & Inflammation in Joints & Muscles, Lower Back and Neck including conditions of Strenuous Exercise, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Fybromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Hammer Toe and more
  • Pre and Post Operative Pain Relief
  • Reduce Scars from Surgery, Acne, Burns, Injury
  • Reduce Wrinkles/Fine Lines
  • Rebuild Collagen for Firmer, Thicker, Smoother Facial & Neck Skin
  • Tighten Flaccid Skin on Stomach, Arms, and Neck from Aging, Pregnancy, Weight Loss and a Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Reduce Pigmentation from Sun/Age Spots
  • Reduce Redness from Rosacea
  • Reduce Sensitivity, Dry, Itchy Skin Disorders
  • Significantly Reduce Acne when applied after Blue Light Therapy
  • And so much more

Our Cells Were Made to Receive Light

Amazingly each cell in our body has hundreds to thousands of primary receptor sites for receiving  photons from light.  Once the light is received, Red & NIR Light trigger a reduction in oxidative stress, increase blood circulation, increase oxygen and ATP production hence cellular energy and the ability to begin normalizing and healing in any cell the light is applied to. Even cells located in other parts of the body are positively affected through cellular signaling. Our body is much smarter than we give it credit for or than we even are.  Feed Red & NIR Light and the body will know where it is needed and what to do with it.

Red & NIR Light is not just a temporary band aid to aging like Botox or Juviderm. However, Red & NIR Light will help prolong injections by increasing your own collagen underneath the filler. In time, those who get injections will find they need less and less while looking naturally young again at any age.  Clinical Studies have shown wrinkles and pigmentation not only reduce but new ones do not appear while the face actually fills out including around the mouth and nasolabial folds.  

Once the light has reenergized your cells and has them actively turning over again, light treatments spaced out between 4 to 6 weeks is all that is necessary to keep new cells coming and you living pain-free with glowing toned and hydrated, pigment & wrinkle-free skin!




Tendonitis Relief

"I suffered from severe tendonitis in both wrists from the repetitive work I do as a Medical Technologist.  After three Red Light Therapy treatments I no longer woke up in pain and could work through the night.   I am now off Advil and couldn't be happier.  I love the therapy!"

Becky C.

Swollen Knee Pain

"After a near fatal car crash many years ago and multiple surgeries, my knees occasionally flare up in pain and swelling to the point I can barely walk.   I decided to try Red Light Therapy treatment and was blown away how after two treatments swelling and pain were gone.  I highly recomend the therapy for knee pain management."

Joanna C.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

"I haven't been able to look over my right shoulder without pain and effort for years.  After six almost back to back red light therapy treatments done in less than two weeks the pain went away and I now have full range of motion.  It's  been three months and I am still pain free without any pain management treatments.  However, I do get skin rejuvenation treatments and believe the light shining on my face and neck is helping.  Definitely a systemic therapy that benefits the body in multiple ways simultaneously."

Andrea A.

Sensitive Aging Skin

"My skin is very fair and sensitive.   I came to Amy with a rosacea flare up and signs of aging as I am over 50.   After a couple of red light therapy treatments I began to see skin rejuvenation and continued coming once a week for two more weeks.  Then every 3 to 4 weeks for another 3 months because I enjoy it so much and love the way I look!  I actually glow!  My rosacea is gone.  My skin feels thicker, toned and tightend without any injections.  My sisters in Florida are so impressed they are searching for the same therapy in their area.  I'm excited to have not only improved the condition of my skin but to be holding off the onset of new wrinkles and issues by receiving regular red light treatments."

Donna H.


"My daughter has a type of acne that oral and topical antibiotics could not clear up.  I caved in and let her go on Accutane a year and a half ago.  Unfortunately, after one year the Accutane stopped working and her acne came back worst than before.  The only thing that helps her is my powerful red light therapy machine's blue light treatment for killing the P. acnes bacteria followed by red light for healing and reducing redness and inflammation.  The first two treatments involved extensive extraction facials before receiving the lights.  After that if she came in once a week faithfully her skin cleared significantly with very few extractions if any.  I tapered her off to every other week then every third week then once a month.  I will be selling medical grade home red and blue light panels for teens (and parents) to use on their own in between their monthly power doses of light from my Lightwave machine.  Teen acne is a condition that can be cleared up and managed with medical grade red and blue light until their hormones and stressful lives calm down."

Amy Barone, Owner of Red Light Life



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